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Labmaster Universal Model 175 Accessories
Labmaster Universal Model 175 Accessories

Labmaster Universal Model 175 Accessories


U306277 Ruby Tipped Probes: 1-14 inch (25-355mm) ID, 0-13 inch  (0-330MM) OD
U306513 Horseshoe
U306280 Horseshoe Clamp   
U306496 Table Clamps (2)    
U306519 Rotating Locating Posts (2)    

SETUP/TRAINING (Included within North America; International-upon request)

SC-MC GageCal for Windows Training (4 hours/2 students)
SC-OP Additional Operator Training (8 hours/2 additional students) 
SC-AP Application Training (if purchasing accessories for internal/external threads)

Post-sale Refresher Training (1-day / 2 students) 

Cost includes: All travel/living expenses. Training certificates are provided to satisfy ISO 17025 training requirements.

WARRANTY (1-year included)

WR-2Y Additional 1-Year Warranty 


U306276 Internal Single Probe: 0.02, 0.079, 0.157, 0.236 inch balls (0.5, 2, 4, 6 mm balls)
U306433 0.040-0.125 inch (1.00-3.18 mm) Internal Dual Probes (Note 1)
U306434 0.125-0.250 inch (3.18-6.35 mm) Internal Dual Probes (Note 1)
U306435 0.250-1.000 inch (6.35-25.4 mm) Internal Dual Probes (Note 1)
U306488 Probe Reference
U308634  Internal Thread Probe (11 pr screw-in tips, 5.5-48 TPI, 0.585-5.5” ID, (4.5-0.5 pitch, 15-140 mm ID))
U308633 Internal Thread Probe (11 posts, 5.5-40 TPI, 0.10-5.5” ID, (4.5-0.7 pitch, 2.5-140 mm ID))
U307262 Variable Reach ID/OD Probes with Replaceable Ruby Tips
307258 Spherical Carbide Tip, 0.125 inch [3.175 mm] diameter (used with U307262)
U307429 Variable Height ID/OD Probes (non Abbe compliant) 
U308438 Ruby Tipped (ID/OD) Probes, 2.5" (63.5mm) height (non Abbe compliant)  NEW
U307472 ID Gear/Spline/Roller Bearing Raceway Probes
U308342 ID/OD Probes with Replaceable Tips, 2.125" (53.9mm) height (non Abbe compliant) NEW
U308343    High Accuracy Indicator & Stand
U307334 Axial Internal Clearance Kit (for roller bearings)
U307326 Radial Internal Clearance Kit (for roller bearings)


U308508 Digital Adjustable Force System
U307602 Precision Probe Positioner (replaces U306465)
D10543004          High Precision Adjuster (used with U307602)
U307630 Flat Probes 0.375 inch diameter (Note 1)   (6.5 mm & 8 mm upon request)
D10512010 Torque Wrench with bit (for flat probes)
U307633 Extended Range Flat Probes (Note 1)
308418 Bridge for Table Center Slot (for measuring small artifacts)  NEW
U306517 Ball Checker (to check parallelism on flat probes)
302558 Flatted Cylinder
U307631 Tapered Flat Probes (1 degree, 47 minutes) 3/4 TPF (Note 1)
306905 Tapered Master Plug: 3/4 TPF
U302595 Magnetic Wire Holders
306479 V-Block (each)
U306512 Riser Disc Assembly (set of 3)
U306514 Backstop
U306515 Angle Block (please purchase #U306465; Probe Positioner)
U306516 Dual Horseshoe Clamp
U306691 V-Block for Cylinders/Discs
U306784 Lead Fixture Assembly
U306722 Lead/*Gear Probes (includes 3.5mm gear stylus & 6 pair lead stylus)
*additional gear stylus quoted separately
U307263 Blade Probes: 0.016 inch [0.4064 mm] thick, Carbide (Note 1)
U307270 Small Diameter Flat Probes, 0.100 inch (2.54 mm) diameter (Note 1)
U307528 Micrometer Standard Measuring Kit
U307610 Two-Point Bore Gage Kit
U307653 Gage Block Fixture (5-point positioner –rectangular blocks)
U307649 Extended Range Bi-directional Ruby Probes- 13 to 20 inch (330 - 508 mm) (please purchase #U307596)
U308460 Extended Range Supports (pair) - for measuring long square gage blocks, ball bars, end standards
U308575 Holders for long rectangular blocks (used with U308460)
U307761 V-Clamp, Dial Indicator/Micrometer Head/Ball
Large Disc Measuring Kit; 13-22 inch (330-559 mm)
U308349 Rule Measuring Kit
Kit 7 inch Tall Flat Probes & Spacers


D10554021 LMU Application Training Video on DVD (over 20 applications)
U305754 Remote Control Foot Switch
306890 Common Bases for Customer Supplied Probes
2.5 inch [63.5 mm] Riser Bases for Probes
U306790 2 inch [50.8 mm] Riser Bases for Probes
U308353 Digital Adjustable Force System Kit (contains flat probes, force system, torque wrench, probe positioner)
2.5 inch [63.5 mm] Riser Kit (contains risers for force system and probe positioner)
U307596 1 inch [25.4 mm] Riser Bases for Probes
Small ID Probe Kit (contains Internal Dual Probes: 0.04-0.125",0.125-0.25",0.25-1.0")
U307778 Lapping Kit
D10559022 Table; 30 x 60 inch (762 x 1524 mm), 3-Drawer, Blue
Granite with Stand; 48 x 30 inch (1219 x 762 mm)
Table; 30 x 84 inch (762 x 2133 mm), 3-Drawer, 2-Door, Blue
D10559028 Stand, Vibration Isolation (no casters; casters additional cost)
U307417 Color Printer with Cable
D10069007 Monitor, 24 inch [609.6 mm] LCD with adj. stand (in lieu of standard LCD monitor)
U308377 Air Compressor with Dryer (110v; call for 220v)
U308020 Master Cylinders: 0.125 inch (3.175 mm) & 0.75 inch (19.05 mm) (for measuring thread wires)
Thread Wire Set - English (4-80 TPI) (34 sets in wood box)
D10588002 Thread Wire Set - Metric (0.2-10mm) (30 sets in wood box)
MS-GA4 Master Gages (10 Master Gage Blocks (Croblox), 5 Master Ring Gages (Steel))
Master Gages (10 Master Gage Blocks (Steel), 5 Master Ring Gages (Steel))
D10562015 Taper Ring Gage Master: 1.5 inch (38 mm) (1 degree, 47 minutes)  3/4 TPF
U307255 Part Temperature Compensation Kit - pre-installed in USB box
U308400 Quick Table Clamp (each)    NEW
Internal Thread Probe (partial set, 5 posts, A-B-C-G-H)
L306955 Screw-in Tips for ID Threads (6 pair tips, A-F)
U308630 Screw-in Tips for ID Threads (5 pair tips, G-K) 
U306785 Posts for ID Threads (6 posts, A-F) 
U308629 Posts for ID Threads (5 posts, G-K) 
User's Manual (LMU-175)
D10575008 Shipping Container (brackets & hardware sold separately)
U308366 Spare Parts Kit (LMU-175)

Note 1: If not purchased with instrument, requires on-site service (align, lap, or internal adjustment). P&W field service rates available upon request.

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