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Gage Setting for Indicator Style Gages
Gage Setting for Indicator Style Gages

Gage Setting for Indicator Style Gages


Bloomfield, CT, March 23, 2016 - Pratt & Whitney will be demonstrating its long length zero-setting bench instrument at the NCSL International Conference, July 24-28, 2016. The ID/OD Labmicrometer is Pratt and Whitney's most versatile “Gage Setting”  instrument for hand held tools and preset indicator style gages.

Two models are available for the Labmicrometer product line, the LM-900 and the LM-1600 depending on your measuring capacity needs. Features include laser interferometer, built-in adjustable internal and external measuring force, and flexible fixturing. These features offer guaranteed repeatability and operator independent reproducibility with unmatched speed.

With appropriate accessories, the Labmicrometer is capable of measuring rings (threaded & non-threaded), gage blocks, plugs (threaded & non-threaded), dial/test indicators, gage wires, micrometer heads, pin gages, tapered plugs (threaded & non-threaded), end standards, all with NIST traceability. Additionally, the Labmicrometer is ideal for use as a setting bench and adjusting instrument offering precision setting of inside and outside comparative measuring gages, micrometers, snap gauges, as well as other measuring tools. The integrated probe lock provides adjustable rigid positioning used for setting hand held adjustable gages.

Pratt and Whitney Measurement Systems, is committed to excellence in the design, manufacture, and service of dimensional Metrology systems. Incorporating the latest computer technology into a wide range of measurement instruments allows for ease of use and total confidence in measurement results.

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