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Advertising Campaign Introduces Pratt & Whitney's New Labmaster Universal Automatic 1000A
Advertising Campaign Introduces Pratt & Whitney's New Labmaster Universal Automatic 1000A

Advertising Campaign Introduces Pratt & Whitney's New Labmaster Universal Automatic 1000A


Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems is breaking new ground in the field of dimensional metrology. They have designed and manufactured a fully automated laser based measuring instrument with a large measuring capacity. The instrument, the Labmaster Universal 1000A, has all the capability of Pratt & Whitney’s other top of the line measuring instruments. The laser based instrument serves with very high accuracy all the functions of a gage block comparator, a ring gage comparator, a thread checking machine, and countless other dimensional measurement instruments. The new instrument can also be paired with Pratt and Whitney’s specially designed fixtures for measurements of ball bearings, micrometer heads, and small diameter ring gages. The instrument allows the user to program the machine movements necessary to make this variety of measurements. The user can recall the programs and run the measurement of the measurement artifacts in a nearly hands-free operation.

In anticipation of the demand for this type of instrument, Pratt & Whitney has initiated an advertisement campaign targeting customers in the multitude of fields in which this new laser based gage can be used. In addition to posting advertisements in publications addressing laboratory and quality issues, Pratt & Whitney hopes to spread the news to manufacturers in the fields of aerospace, automotive, nuclear, energy production, medical, and defense. This new instrument will benefit manufacturers making measurements in any of these fields. The speed, accuracy, and ease of use of this instrument will have a special benefit to those that make a large number of repetitive measurements such as gage block and ring gage manufacturers or manufacturers of medical equipment. The programmability of the machine’s movements will aid those that need to make measurements of complex geometries such as threaded ring gages, threaded plugs, and tapered artifacts (tapered plugs, tapered ring gages, n.p.t. threaded plugs and n.p.t. threaded rings).

In addition to advertisements in technical and industrial publications, Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems’ advertisement campaign will include presentations at the major national and regional trade shows. The Labmaster 1000A Automatic Universal Measuring Machine was presented at the 2011 Quality Expo at McCormick Place North in Chicago, Illinois, and at the Eastec trade show in Massachusetts. This fully automated universal dimensional measuring instrument will also be presented at upcoming trade shows including the NCSL 2012, the Westec 2012, IMTS 2012, and Quality Expo 2012. Trained product specialists will be present to demonstrate the simple programming that can be used to automate repetitive and complex measurements of gauging artifacts and precision parts.

The Labmaster Universal 1000A Long Length Universal Laser Based Measuring Instrument is Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems’ newest product. It has an 80-inch [2032mm] capacity, fully automated movements, resolution of 0.0000001 inch [0.0025 microns], and instrument accuracy of 2 micro-inches [0.05 microns].




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