Dimensional Calibration Services

Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems has the technical capability and the metrology expertise needed to make reliable calibrations of master artifacts, measuring instruments, and gauges. Our climate controlled Quality Laboratory, NIST calibrated masters and gage calibration equipment, coupled with our commitment to measurement excellence will provide low uncertainty and accurate results. Ring gauge calibrations and calibrations of Pratt & Whitney Measuring Instruments are accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA/cert# 2629.01) to meet all requirements of ISO 17025.

View our scope of accreditation. 


  1. A Return Material Authorization (RMA) is required in most cases for sending gauges to Pratt & Whitney for calibration. Please read the Pratt & Whitney RMA Return Instructions for complete details.
  2. Calibration quotes will include an estimated turnaround time in calendar days based on current production schedule.  Expedited calibration is quoted upon request and availability. 
  3. Additional fees might apply on orders requiring supplier portal submissions, and completion of safety questionnaires and supplier forms.

Calibration Laboratory Features:

  • Calibrated environmental monitors
  • Quality Control Laboratory temperature range less than 0.3º Fahrenheit / hour [0.17º Celsius / hour]
  • High accuracy Labmaster Universal calibrators
  • Laser Interferometers
  • Engineering staff and experienced quality control technicians
  • Mylar reflective film and heavy cotton gloves used to minimize operator thermal radiation
  • NIST calibrated masters


  • Step Gages / Gauge Bars / Surveillance Masters
  • Master Button Bar Calibration (laser interferometer)
  • Ring Gage Calibration Service (A2LA accredited / ISO 17025/cert# 2629.01)
  • Long Gauge Block Calibration (A2LA accredited / ISO 17025/cert# 2629.01)
  • Ball Bars (A2LA accredited / ISO 17025/cert# 2629.01) 
  • Instrument Calibration (A2LA accredited / ISO 17025/cert# 2629.01)
  • Digital Adjustable Force System Calibration (part# PWCAL_U308508) (A2LA accredited / ISO 17025/cert# 2629.01)
  • Adjustable Force System Calibration (part# PWCAL_U306469) (A2LA accredited / ISO 17025/cert# 2629.01)

To Schedule a Calibration

Please contact the Pratt & Whitney Calibration Department or fill out our Contact Form.

North America:
   Tel: (800) 371-7174 Ext 400  (United States including Canada & Mexico)
   Email: service@prattandwhitney.com

   Tel: (exit code) +1 +860 +286-8181 Ext 400  (South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Australia)
   Email: service.uk@prattandwhitney.com