Machine Tool

The Machine Tool Industry is another industry closely tied to Pratt & Whitney's past and future.  Although supplying customers with the highest machining tolerances possible has always been the goal with machine tool builders, further developments of automated composite processing as well as automatic tool changeover have become main stream.   Pratt & Whitney understands that with these new technologies, measurement solutions need to keep pace.  Pratt & Whitney provides measurement solutions to such companies as Hardinge Inc., MAG Giddings & Lewis, and Gleason Corporation.


  • Ball Ways / Machine Slides
  • Spindles / Lead Screws
  • Transducers - LVDT / Glass Scales 
  • Precision Length Bars
  • Ball Bearings
  • Roller Bearings (Tapered, Cylindrical, Spherical, Needle) 
  • Gears and Splines 
  • Threaded Fasteners 
  • Gage Calibrations
  • Step Gage Masters 
  • Tapered Chucks
  • Precision Parts 


  • First Piece Inspection
  • Component Design and Inspection
  • Quality Control / Testing
  • Prototype Evaluation

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