Environmental Weather Station / Data Logger



  • Customizable Display – display any combination of the following outputs

  - Material temperature (3 sensors)   - Air temperature   - Air pressure   - Humidity   - GageCal position   - Laser Factor

  • English/Metric operation – select with the E/M button
  • Data Logging

  - Log displayed output values at a predefined (1 second or larger) interval.   - Displayed values are date and time stamped and added to a CSV (comma separated values) data file.   - CSV files can be viewed in Excel or in the chart viewer.

  • Chart Display

  - Shows present or archived logged data in chart format
  - Charts automatically scale to fit the adjustable window size.   - A “zoom” feature allows you to zoom in on chart areas of interest.    - A “save” button allows you to save the chart in a variety of formats (.png, .pdf …).

  • Sensor Calibration – Enter a calibration factor for each sensor.  The calibration correction value is stored and displayed in the software.
  • PPM Mode – Set a material and laser reference point and display deviations from the reference point in parts per million (microns per meter or millionths per inch).

  • Customizable sensor names – change the sensor names that are displayed in the software and in the charts by modifying the name values in the Logger.ini file.


  • Record environmental data
  • Evaluate your Constant Temperature Room

  - Check air temperature regulation   - Check air temperature uniformity

  • Evaluate thermal soaking

  - Check temperature difference between master and artifact.   - Determine thermal time constants for masters and artifacts.   - Check master and artifact temperature stability.

  • Evaluate instrument stability

  - Measure instrument zero drift in your measurement environment.   - Calculate laser scale factor change based on air temperature, pressure, and humidity changes.

  • Calibrate your laser based instrument (using Environmental Mastering mode)

Set the instrument scale factor based on air temperature, pressure, and humidity values. *The Environmental Weather Station does not communicate with GageCal Software and it is not used with 2-Point Mastering.

  • Determine the calibration interval

Set a reference point immediately after setting the second point of a two point calibration. Track parts per million (ppm) changes since calibration to determine if a new calibration is required.

  • Determine correction factors

Set a reference point immediately after setting the second point of a two point calibration. At measurement time, record the parts per million (ppm) changes since calibration multiplied by the artifact length to determine a measurement correction factor.

Specifications (Environmental Weather Station/Data Logger) 

Part# U308432


RTD temp sensor accuracy         ± 0.25 °C when operated at 20 °C ± 5 °C               

Pressure sensor accuracy           0.4 kPa (3.0 mmHg)

Humidity sensor accuracy           ± 5% @ 25°C (20%RH to 80%RH)

Data update rate                           1 second

Note: Sensor calibration is not required when using GageCal 2 point calibration with a master and artifact of the same material and at the same temperature.

Note: Sensor calibration is required for accurate measurements when mastering by the GageCal Environmental Variable method or when the master and artifact differ in material or temperature.

Laser wavelength accuracy (uncalibrated sensors; 0.25°C, 3 mmHg, 5% RH):         1.4 ppm

Laser wavelength accuracy (calibrated sensors; 0.1°C, 0.75 mmHg, 5% RH):          0.5 ppm


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