Long Length Universal (ID/OD) Measuring Instruments

The Standard of Accuracy


Labmaster® Universal Model 1000M

Automatic probe movement with a push of a button. Similar functionality of the popular Labmaster Universal Model 175 at a larger capacity. Measuring table includes swivel, center, tilt, and elevation control knobs.

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Labmaster® Universal Model 1000A

Our most automated Labmaster. Automatic probe movement and automatic part alignment. Table positioning (swivel, center, tilt, elevation) is motor driven/computer controlled.  A simple software script allows automatic measurement of gages or custom parts for ultimate accuracy and ease of use.

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Labmicrometer® Model 900 & 1600

Designed for gage calibration laboratories requiring precise measurements over long lengths.  Ideal for use as a setting bench gage and calibration instrument. Suitable for a quality lab or a shop floor environment.  Highest accuracy at best price point.

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