Metrology & Calibration

The Metrology & Calibration Industry is closely tied to Pratt & Whitney.  Customers like Tektronix, Transcat, Simco, Rohmann Services Inc., Cross Precision Measurement, Technical Maintenance Inc., Advanced Technology Services, OCS Technologies, Instrument Calibration Solutions, True Line Calibration, Avalon Test Equipment, Ledford Gage, In-Cal, Cal-Tek, Accu-Check Instrument, Accurate Labs, Antibus Scales & Systems, Thermo Temp Inc., Trescal, System Scale Corporation, Standard Calibration, Techmaster, Rothe Development Incorporated, Wayac Scales & Calibration, Tool Testing Lab, Garber Scale Company, Northern Gage, Precision Instrument Correction, Essco Calibration, Cal Lab Company, Miller Instruments Ltd., usCalibration, Metrical, Inspec, Inc., RMS Quality, JJ Calibrations, ENI Labs, Dirats Laboratories, Liberty Labs, Calibration Depot, TIC-MS, SEP Metrologie Inc., Western States Calibration, Visional Technologies, Kingsway Instruments, SDM Calibrations, Third Coast Calibration, Swanson Tool Manufacturing Inc., Quad State Gauging & Measurement, Inspection Engineering, masMetrologia, Rothe Development Inc., Quality Plus, Grand Rapids Metrology, Nico Scales & Measurement, Atco Metrology, Accura Calibration, Eagle Eye Calibration Labs, Techmaster de Mexico, Caribbean Instruments Corp., American Calibration, Accurate Instrument & Repair, Certified Calibration Services, Washington Calibration, Fox Valley Metrology, Martin Calibration, LS Starrett Company, rely on Pratt & Whitney instruments in certifying gages and speciality devices that are used by its customers.


  • Thread Gages
  • Plugs and Pins
  • American Petroleum Institute (API) Gages 
  • Gage Calibrations
  • Ring Gages
  • Gage Blocks
  • Length Standards
  • Dial/Test Indicators
  • Bore Gauges
  • Snap Gages
  • Micrometers
  • Precision Parts


  • Quality Control / Testing
  • Design and Engineering
  • First Piece Inspection
  • Establishing Master Gages
  • Proficiency Testing

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