RMA Return Instructions

For all warranty and non-warranty factory repairs and calibrations, please call the Pratt & Whitney’s Service Department at (800) 371-7174 (press 7, then 3) or fill out our Contact Form and provide the following information:

  • Instrument model number
  • Instrument serial number
  • Brief description of services required (symptoms/problems/etc.)
  • Shipping Container request (if applicable)
  • Return shipping address (including contact name)
  • Invoice address, contact name and telephone number

If the instrument is found to be defective or needs repair or calibration, a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number will be issued. For maximum instrument protection, please use the original shipping container, shipping brackets, and packaging material. Shipping Containers are available for purchase and are typically in stock. Packing instructions are included. P&W is not responsible for shipments made in customer-made shipping containers (voids warranty).

Shipping address for issued RMA numbers:

Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems
66 Douglas Street
Bloomfield, CT 06002 USA
Attn: RMA # ____________

In-Warranty/Out-of-Warranty Policies

  • In-Warranty: All instruments manufactured by Pratt & Whitney are warrantied to be free from material defects for one year and will be repaired at Pratt & Whitney expense, provided a Return Material Authorization (RMA) is requested within the warranty period. (Customer pays freight for returned instruments to Pratt & Whitney).
  • Out-of-Warranty: Pratt & Whitney will attempt to repair/calibrate out-of-warranty instruments at an additional charge. In most cases, customers will be charged a minimum inspection/evaluation fee based on the instrument model. Please call for pricing. This fee is waived if the quoted repair/calibration is approved. For instrument calibrations, if you require a cost amount prior to sending in your unit, your paperwork can reference the inspection fee. Upon inspection of your instrument, we will provide a formal quotation and if approved the inspection fee is waived. Customer is responsible for all inbound and outbound shipping charges.
  • Proprietary Information: As a matter of company policy, replaced parts on quoted repairs are not returnable and become the property of Pratt & Whitney.

Standard Warranty

  • One-year warranty on all instruments manufactured by Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems.
  • For all products, service requests will be also be accepted by phone and email during normal business hours.
  • Next business day, overnight parts replacement during warranty period is available on Pratt & Whitney instruments, subject to restrictions. 

Extended Warranty

  • For information and pricing on the terms and conditions of extended warranties, please fill out our Contact Form.

Worldwide Sales & Support

North America:
   Tel: (800) 371-7174 (United States including Canada & Mexico)
   Email: sales@prattandwhitney.com
   Email: service@prattandwhitney.com

International / UK office:
   Tel: (exit code) +1 +860 +286-8181 Ext 440  (South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Australia)
   Email: sales.uk@prattandwhitney.com
   Email: service.uk@prattandwhitney.com

Military Customer Technical Support: Tel: (860) 286-8181 Ext 230