Success Stories

See how Pratt & Whitney measuring instruments are helping customers in a variety of industries improve quality, increase productivity, and realize a real return on investment.


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Harmonic Drives ROI

  • The Pratt and Whitney Labmaster Universal has helped Harmonic Drive achieve the high precision they need in their Metrology Lab.  Most calibrations are now performed in house, which saves about $24,000 per year.

NASA – Roller Bearings to Millionths

  • This friction and wear research lab uses a Pratt & Whitney Labmaster to measure several critical precision bearings from 12 mm bore, 2000 rpm bearings used in the water recycling system of the International Space Station to 90 mm bore, 30,000 rpm turbopump bearings used on the Space Shuttle’s rocket engines.

Cost Savings at Delta Airlines

  • The Pratt and Whitney Labmaster Universal has dramatically increased the speed of Delta’s Calibration Laboratory.  Now the laboratory calibrates more than 500 ring and plug gages, thread gages, pin sets, and gage block sets each year.