Eastern States Exposition 2019

Bloomfield, CT – Pratt & Whitney will be demonstrating the Labmaster Universal at the May 14-16 2019 EASTEC, at the Eastern States Exposition on 1305 Memorial Avenue in West Springfield, MA (booth #3006).

At the annual Eastern States Exposition, manufacturing technology from around the country is showcased to foster exploration in technological innovations, create opportunities, and form business connections.  Pratt and Whitney product specialists will be demonstrating the various components of our ID & OD instruments, specifically the Labmaster Universal Model 175. Our popular Labmaster Universal has been developed for precise measurement with several diameters (outside, inside, major/minor, and pitch), length, thickness, lead, taper, and linear displacement.  In addition, the ULM removes operator-influenced errors due to the gaging probes and the precision air bearing slide, and can be used to measure to the uncertainty of 50 nanometers (2 millionths of an inch). Further information regarding our products and their capabilities can be found under “Products” on our website, and to learn more about the various ways our machines are being used among different companies, visit the “Applications” section of the website.

For any questions regarding Pratt & Whitney instruments or our company, product specialists will be on hand from May 14-16th (booth #3006).

Pratt and Whitney Measurement Systems, is committed to excellence in the design, manufacture, and service of dimensional metrology systems. Incorporating the latest computer technology into a wide range of measurement instruments allows for ease of use and total confidence in measurement results.

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