GageCal 6.0 Software Release

Bloomfield, CT, May 30, 2014 – Pratt & Whitney is proud to announce the release of GageCal version 6.0. This updated version of our proprietary software runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows based operating systems. This allows our software to be deployed on the most current Windows based systems. With an updated user interface and added functions and functionality GageCal version 6.0 brings new tools and abilities to all of our current and early model dimensional Metrology measurement equipment.

Utilizing Pratt & Whitney’s built in spreadsheet application, automated data collection for Gage Blocks, Plug Gages, Pins, External Threads, Tapered Threads, Length Standards, Dial Indicators, Ball Bearings, Snap Gages, Micrometers, Internal Threads, Calipers, Gears, and Ring Gages becomes as easy as point and click. From aerospace to automotive, weapon systems to wire manufacturing Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems’ machines have been providing trusted quality control and reliability since 1860.

GageCal ver. 6.0 is available with all new laser-based and encoder-based instruments. Version 6.0 is also available as an upgrade to all Pratt & Whitney equipment currently deployed worldwide.

Pratt and Whitney Measurement Systems, is committed to excellence in the design, manufacture, and service of dimensional Metrology systems. Incorporating the latest computer technology into a wide range of measurement instruments allows for ease of use and total confidence in measurement results.

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