Labmaster Universal Model 175 available upgrades

Bloomfield CT – January 3, 2018 - Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems has several upgrades available for the popular LabMaster Universal Model 175. These upgrades may be installed either at the P&W facility in Connecticut or onsite by P&W Field Service Technicians.

Digital Table Height Display: This upgrade replaces the existing display with a software-based display. The display is switchable between English and Metric and provides the user an ability to toggle between the actual readout value and a datum of zero. This includes the Same-Side Measurement upgrade (see below). Requires GageCal version 6.0.

Same-Side Measurement: This is for special applications requiring both fingers to simultaneously move in the same direction. This feature can be toggled on and off with a flip of a switch and is included with the Digital Table Height Display upgrade. Requires GageCal version 6.0.

Digital Adjustable Force System: Replacing the optional mechanical Adjustable Force System this upgrade features an on-screen display in GageCal. The display includes the user-selected target force, a digital readout of the actual applied force and a variable-colored force bar. The display is switchable between ounce and newton and provides the user the ability to reset the datum for the actual applied force to zero. Requires GageCal version 6.0.

Laser Ventilation Upgrade: This upgrade improves the thermal stability of the laser thus minimizing scale factor shift during operation.

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