Labmaster Universal new accessories

Bloomfield CT – December 7, 2017 - Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems has several new accessories available for the LabMaster Universal Model 175 as well as for the Model 1000M and Model 1000A. Some of the most popular are:

Precision Probe Positioner: The new Precision Probe Positioner permits rapid repositioning as well as very fine precision movements. Coarse repositioning is accomplished by loosening the hold-down lock. Fine, precise adjustments are made via a 100 threads-per-inch positioning screw.

Gage Block 5-Point Positioner: Pratt & Whitney has developed a fixture to permit rapid, precise positioning of gage blocks (rectangular, up to one inch) for five-point calibration. This accessory makes it easy to meet the requirements for 5-point measurement (4 auxiliary and one reference point) called for by ASME B89.1.9.

Dial Indicator V-Clamp: This V-Clamp enables you to quickly fixture a dial indicator on the LabMaster Universal for calibration.

Quick Table Clamp: This new table clamp can be positioned much faster than the original table clamps. This design utilizes a spring steel leaf held in place by friction.

Table Center Slot Bridge: The Table Center Slot Bridge allows for small parts to be measured more easily.

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