Metrology Lab Sees 300% Productivity Increase In Ring Gage Calibration Since Installation of P&W LabMaster Universal

Bloomfield, CT -- October 3, 2005 -- For over 20 years, Accurate Instrument Repair (AIR), located in Foothills Ranch California, has performed quality calibration and repair services for the precision manufacturing industry. Manager Ron Fitzgerald, who was responsible for the purchase of the instrument, uses the laser-based LabMaster Universal primarily for calibration of master ring gages.

“I did a lot of research before purchasing the LabMaster. Other machines manufactured by Mahr® and Helios® are selling for $100,000 and can not match the value and features of the Labmaster Universal. I believe it to be the best ring and disc measuring system ever built.”

Before acquiring the LabMaster Universal, AIR was using a Federal® internal comparator for ring gage calibrations. With this setup, the lab was calibrating about five XX class rings a day. Now, with the help of the LabMaster Universal, the same lab regularly calibrates around 20 rings a day, including XXX class ring gages.

Ron says the fantastic time savings can be attributed to a large 7” direct reading range and user-friendly operation that practically eliminates human error. He also mentioned his appreciation for the ruby-tipped probes that eliminate the need for wringing gage blocks, which further reduces uncertainty.

Accurate Instrument Repair has relied on the accuracy of Pratt and Whitney measurement instruments since they opened their doors over 20 years ago. AIR’s original Pratt and Whitney Internal Comparator must have impressed them, as they soon went on to purchase multiple Pratt and Whitney products, including Supermicrometers, and a Standard Measuring Machine.  “The LabMaster is the best, though” says Ron, and it’s easy to see why. With an accuracy of 2 millionths of an inch [0.05 micron] , the LabMaster is the worlds most accurate direct-reading measurement instrument.

Pratt and Whitney Measurement Systems, Inc. is committed to excellence in the design, manufacture, and service of dimensional metrology systems. Incorporating the latest computer technology into a wide range of measurement instruments allows for ease of use and total confidence in measurement results.

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