New Digital Adjustable Force System

Bloomfield CT---Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems announces the addition of a new Digital Adjustable Force System (DAFS) accessory for the LabMaster Universal (standard and long length versions) replacing the older mechanical Adjustable Force System (AFS). The DAFS, part number U308508, features a USB plug-and-play connection and software force readout and it can easily be installed by the customer. There are two system requirements. Your LabMaster Universal control system and Pratt & Whitney GageCal software must both be current versions. GageCal displays the force with a twin display consisting of a digital readout and an analog bar of varying color. When green, the analog bar indicates that the force is within the ANSI/ASME force tolerance recommendations for thread pitch diameter measurements.

The Digital Adjustable Force System has several advantages over the Adjustable Force System:

  1. The operator can rapidly set the desired force for the DAFS with mouse and keyboard as opposed to mechanically setting it on the AFS.
  2. At 2% accuracy, the DAFS is more accurate than the mechanical AFS.
  3. With the DAFS, force is applied until you observe a green analog bar. The AFS required you to “null”-out a mechanical meter needle.
  4. Force can be displayed in English (ounces) or Metric (newtons).
  5. The force range of the DAFS is 0.1-48 oz (0.03-13.34 N) versus 2-40 oz (0.56-11.12 N) for the AFS.
  6. The digital version has a datum reset button permitting the user to “zero-out” the display of the unloaded DAFS.

For questions, availability and additional information on the Digital Adjustable Force System please contact us.

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