PC Supermicrometer - The Standard in Calibration

December 1, 2021 - Pratt & Whitney shipped their first External Supermicrometer™ PC for gage calibration laboratories back in 2009. This bench micrometer is capable of performing OD calibrations from 0 to 40 inches [1 meter]. Its versatility provides improved, cost effective, in-house gage control capabilities to users in a wide range of industries and has become the "goto instrument" for dimensional calibration labs.

The Supermicrometer PC includes a desktop or laptop computer and Pratt & Whitney’s proprietary GageCal™ automatic tolerance software. This Windows® based software automatically enters tolerances for plug gages, pin gages, ball bearings, and straight/taper threads. Additional software features includes calculation of pitch and major diameters of standard thread forms and flags out of tolerance conditions. Certificate of calibrations can easily be saved and printed.

Being able to provide a complete turnkey system, the Supermicrometer PC allows companies to cost justify calibrating gages in-house that were previously done by outside services. This not only provides a faster turnaround on calibrations, it also allows for more control over calibration standards.

Pratt & Whitney will showcase their Supermicrometer PC measuring instrument at the upcoming NCSL and Quality Expo trade shows. Pratt & Whitney designs, manufactures, and services dimensional metrology systems used in gage calibration laboratories throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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