Pratt & Whitney Accredited by A2LA to Perform Ring Gage Calibrations

Bloomfield, CT, May 5, 2009 – Pratt & Whitney is now accredited by A2LA, the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation, to calibrate ring gages. This accreditation signifies Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems’ conformance to all the pertinent requirements of ISO 17025 including technical and laboratory management requirements. The accreditation also means that A2LA’s Accreditation Council has reviewed and approved Pratt & Whitney’s estimates of measurement uncertainty for the calibration of plain ring gages. These low uncertainty ring gage calibrations offer an economical alternative to NIST’s ring gage calibrations, yet are only one link in the traceability chain away from the national standards; Pratt & Whitney compares customers’ ring gages with gages calibrated by NIST.

“There are a lot of bad ring gages out there”, attests retired Air Force pilot and metrologist Pieter Van Why. Pratt & Whitney hopes to help the manufacturing and metrology community by populating the nation’s calibration laboratories with reliable ring gages and honest estimates of the measurement uncertainty. All of Pratt & Whitney’s ring gage calibration values are just one carefully controlled measurement away from values generated by NIST.

Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems can meet the needs of any customer looking for a traceable ring gage calibration meeting all the requirements of ISO 17025. All of Pratt & Whitney’s ring gage calibrations will be documented in an easy-to-read certificate of calibration that includes evidence of traceability, all measurement values requested by the customer, record of environmental conditions in the laboratory during the calibration, and estimates of the uncertainty of the measurement values of the ring gage diameters. Pratt & Whitney will hold records of these calibrations, should the customer ever need to discuss the calibration results or need another copy of the certificate. Pratt & Whitney expects that their technical capacity will allow them to provide a quick turnaround compared to other high-grade calibrations. “We can have a batch of ring gages back to the customer in less than five days”, says the calibration department manager.

Pratt & Whitney can measure ring gages of all diameters from 0.020 inch to 14.00 inch [0.508 - 355.6 mm]. Their A2LA Scope of Accreditation and Certificate of Accreditation can be viewed at

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