Sub Micron Measurement of Thread Micrometer Standards

Bloomfield CT---Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems announces the addition of a new accessory for calibration of thread micrometer length standards. The Thread Micrometer Standard Measuring Kit, part number U307528, enables the calibration of thread length standards on any Pratt & Whitney instrument with 3/8-inch diameter flat anvils.

This includes the Pratt & Whitney External and Universal Supermicrometers, the Standard, Digital and Laser Measuring Machines, the LabMicrometer and the LabMaster Universal (standard and long length versions). The kit can be installed and ready for use in five minutes and removal takes less than a minute. Measurements are fast, accurate and versatile with a measurement uncertainty of 50 micro-inches and the ability to measure length standards with thread angles of either 60 or 55 degrees, English and Metric. Standard lengths are limited only by the capacity of the machine.

For questions, availability and additional information on the Thread Micrometer Standard Measuring Kit please contact us.

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