Export Control

Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems’ policy is to conduct business in a responsible manner within the guidelines set out by export control regulations and laws. Pratt & Whitney will not sell product or provide technical assistance if it is known or suspected that the products or advice is to be used for purposes associated with any chemical, biological, nuclear weapons or missiles capable of delivering such weapons, or in support of any terrorist activity or any other WMD end use.

Export and re-export of laser measuring instruments (ECCN 2B206.c) manufactured by Pratt & Whitney are subject to U.S. Export Administration Regulations, which are administered by the Commerce Department. The applicable restrictions vary depending on the specific product involved and its Destination. In some cases, U.S. law requires the U.S. Government approval be obtained prior to resale, export or re-export. Clarification can be obtained by contacting Pratt & Whitney or an appropriate U.S. Government agency.