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Cal Lab Magazine cover page features Pratt & Whitney's Labmaster Universal gage block comparator
Cal Lab Magazine cover page features Pratt & Whitney's Labmaster Universal gage block comparator

Cal Lab Magazine cover page features Pratt & Whitney's Labmaster Universal gage block comparator



The increasing popularity and success of Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems' flagship model is exemplified by its appearance on the cover of the January-February-March 2010 edition of Cal Lab magazine. With countless applications in the fields of aerospace, automotive, military, and medical applications around the world, it's not unlikely that  more reports and evidence ot the successful use of this versatile laser based measuring machine will be found in calibration and measurment technology media. Pratt and Whitney Measurement Systems' quality and engineering departments work together for continuous improvement of the instrument. Pratt and Whitney's service and sales departments communicate with customers, learn their needs, and request the development of new accessories by P&W engineering. The end result of Pratt and Whitney's efforts may be the most ubiquitous, versatile, and high performance dimensional measurment instrument in the world.

In the journal's cover photo, a metrologist uses the universal dimensional measuring instrument as a plain ring gage comparator. The Labmaster Universal's tabletop allows the operator to make fine adjustments of the ring's position to find the true diameter of the ring without touching it. With a few button clicks and an outside dimension master gage block, the metrologist can use this universal measuring machine as a gage block comparator. As a gage block comparator, the Labmaster Universal operates at a resolution as high as NIST calibrated gage blocks (calibration certificates for NIST calibrated gage blocks typically report gage dimension out to tenths of a micro-inch). In most cases,  the most significant source of measurement uncertainty of measurements made with the Labmaster Universal will be the uncertainty of the gage blocks used to master the machine. If NIST calibrated gage blocks are used as master gages, LMU measurements can have the lowest measurement uncertainty imaginable outside of NIST.

In addition to functioning as a gage block comparator, the Labmaster Universal can be applied to countless other measurements including threads (ID/OD), micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, tapered plug and ring gauges, and thread wires among others. Special accessories have been developed for the measurement of radial and axial internal clearance of ball bearings, parts longer than 14 inches [355.6 mm] , and gears.

Pratt & Whitney designs, manufactures, and services metrology systems used in gage calibration laboratories throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Pratt Whitney product lines include: gage calibration instruments, comparators, height gages, checking instruments, roundness gauges, thickness measuring instruments, geometry & form metrology systems, laser measuring machines, laser micrometers, as well as master and setting gauges.

Specialty applications such as gears, bearings, shafts, balls, optics, films, API threads, tapers, rings, gauge blocks, or your precision components can also be measured on Pratt Whitney instruments.

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