Thread Measurement

Avoid Costly Quality Mistakes & Save Precious Downtime With Pratt & Whitney Thread Measuring Equipment

Manufactured In The USA

Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems:

  • Provides Easy To Use Windows Based Software. Word And Excel Export
  • Machines Are Manufactured In U.S. With Onsite U.S. Service
  • Has Knowledgeable, Domestic Service And Sales
  • Has Onsite Quality Managers, Engineers, Metrology Managers
  • Serves Market Leaders Including Lockheed, Timken, And Tektronix And Many More
  • Offers Competitive Pricing
  • We Are Entirely Dedicated To Metrology
  • Quick Response And Free Phone Support
  • Can Provide Reference Lists Of Hundreds Of Companies
  • ISO 17025 Accredited

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When high accuracy and reliability are foremost requirements, Pratt & Whitney ultra-precision Measuring instruments are the go to source for market leaders. That’s because our instruments are designed for years of operation with minimum maintenance, all while maintaining accuracy and reliability.  Our long length measuring machines are offered in standard lengths to 120 inches (3 meters) with either our digital (Electrolimit) or laser based transducer. Both easily measuring length, diameter, pitch diameter, roundness, parallelism, taper, and all of your precision parts.

Our customers appreciate our worldwide sales support with a knowledgeable U.S. based sales staff and experienced Sales Representatives.  To see a product demonstration and learn more about Pratt & Whitney measuring instruments, our representatives can help you make the right choice.

Pratt & Whitney is uniquely positioned to supply the Metrology industry with competitive technologies and services that will meet the highly specialized demands of our global customers. We meet these requirements head-on armed with our rich legacy of innovation and cutting-edge technologies.

Pratt & Whitney’s worldwide customer base ranges from the largest manufacturers such as aircraft, automotive, heavy equipment, medical, defense, plus all sub-tiers of these industries, down to small manufacturing firms. Pratt & Whitney serves over 100 distinct industries with its products and services.

Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems’ Quality Management System was developed to meet all pertinent requirements of the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

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