API Gages/Gauges

Tapered pipe thread standards are covered by American National Standard Institute/American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ANSI/ASME) and applicable American Petroleum Institute (API) standards. In all cases the taper is 1:16 (0.75-inch/foot). There are three pitch diameters that we may need to determine. These are the pitch diameter at the base, gaging notch & limit of effective threads. Pitch diameter of external taper pipe threads is usually determined with the three-wire method using either a taper sine block fixture between two flat parallel-face anvils or directly between two proprietary flat anvils with a 1:16 taper built in. 

Pratt & Whitney offers these machines suitable for use with our optional taper sine block fixture:
1.      Laser Measuring Machine
2.      Digital Measuring Machine
3.      External Supermicrometer (Model B & Model C)

In addition, we offer these machines capable of supporting our proprietary optional tapered flat anvils:
1.      Labmaster Universal Model 175
2.      Labmaster Universal (Model 1000A & 1000M)
3.      Labmicrometer (Model 900 & 1600)
4.      Universal Supermicrometer (Model 501 & 504)