Electrolimit Comparator Accessories


SC-FT On-site Instrument Training (1-day / 2 students) Cost includes: All travel/living expenses. Training certificates are provided to satisfy ISO 17025 training requirements.



U600014 Live Anvil (point to point measurement; floating ruby ball sensor)  
U600034 5 Point Template (for Square & Rectangular Blocks) – (requires the Live Anvil)     
U306274 Corner Cube Anvil (0.020-2.500 Measuring Range (0.5 - 63mm))   
305997 Serrated Tungsten Carbide Anvil      
308196 Serrated Large Parts Anvil
306023 Small Part Anvil 
U306052 0.125” Backstop (for Small Part Anvil)         
U306053 0.030” Backstop (for Small Part Anvil)
D10555004 12 Assorted Probe Tips
D10555003 Diamond Probe Tip    
D10574006 24” x 36” x 6” Surface Plate (Grade B)
U305970 Stand with Casters (requires Surface Plate)
U305759 Air Isolation Stand with Casters (requires Surface Plate)     
309060 Live Anvil Calibration Standard
U308432 Environmental Weather Station/Data Logger
U307417 Color Printer with cable         



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