Internal Supermicrometer Accessories


SC-FT On-site Instrument Training (1-day / 2 students) Cost includes: All travel/living expenses. Training certificates are provided to satisfy ISO 17025 training requirements.



U306885 Probes, Range 0.040-0.125 inch (Pair)
U306886 Probes, Range 0.125-0.25 inch (Pair)
S303359 Tungsten Carbide Fingers, Range 0.25-1.0 inch (Pair)
U305649 Diamond Tipped Fingers, Range 10-14 inch (Pair)
S303360 Diamond Tipped Fingers, Range 1-10 inch (Pair)
S303361 Diamond Tipped Fingers, Range 1.5-10 inch (Pair)
303279 Dust Cover
U306429 Printer (Serial) Complete with Cable
D10065018 Ribbon for Printer
D10065015 Paper for Printer (3-roll pack)
D10069001 Computer with LCD Screen (please call for latest specifications)
U306596 GageCal Automatic Tolerancing Software (*requires a computer) Includes: CD & cable. GageCal automatically enters tolerances for ring gages & flags out of tolerance conditions.
D10554002 User’s Manual
D10562013-C Master Ring Gages – (NIST traceable, steel, ISO 17025, sizes: 0.04, 0.125, 0.25, 1.0, 3.0 inch)
302558 Flatted Cylinder
D10562011-C Master Ring Gages - (NIST traceable, steel, ISO 17025, sizes: 1, 3, 6, 25, 75, 125 mm)
U308432 Environmental Weather Station/Data Logger



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