External Supermicrometer Model A, B, C Accessories


SC-FT On-site Instrument Training (1-day / 2 students)  Cost includes: All travel/living expenses. Training certificates are provided to satisfy ISO 17025 training requirements.



U307412 Digital Tailstock Meter Upgrade for Model 'B' or 'C' Supermic 1 micro-inch resolution (0.025 micron)
U307574 Spherical Adapter – Ball diameter 0.375 inch (9.5mm)
S303573 Dial Indicator Bracket
U302595 Magnetic Wire Holders
D10588001 Thread Wire Set - English (4-80 TPI) (34 sets in wood box) 
D10588002 Thread Wire Set - Metric (0.2-10mm) (30 sets in wood box)
D10588003 Thread Wire Set - English (4-80 TPI) (34 sets in wood box) with long form certificate
D10588004 Thread Wire Set - Metric (0.2-10mm) (30 sets in wood box) with long form certificate
U302568 Metric Gage Block Master Set in wood box (grade 0)  [2.5mm, 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm]
U302545 English Gage Block Master Set in wood box (grade 0)  [0.1, 1, 2, 3, and 4 inch]
U306429 Printer (Serial) Complete with Cable (for Model C only)
302558 Flatted Cylinder
U307774 Roller Vee
U307528 Thread Micrometer Standard Measuring Kit
U307778 Lapping Kit
U303471 Complete Lapping Kit with Squaring Fixture
U306517 Ball Checker (to check parallelism on flat probes)
D10065018 Ribbon for Printer
D10065015          Paper for Printer (3-roll pack)
U302544 Elevating Table
U308020 Master Cylinders: 0.125 inch & 0.75 inch [ 3.175 & 19.050 mm] (for measuring thread wires)
D10069001 Computer with LCD Screen (please call for latest specifications)
U307798 Sine Block Fixture 0.06 - 3.0 inch [1.524 - 76.2 mm] (for measuring taper pipe threads)
U308047 Sine Block Kit (for measuring taper pipe threads from 3 inches [76.2 mm] on up)
U306596 GageCal Automatic Tolerancing Software (*requires a computer)
Includes: GageCal CD & cable. P&W GageCal automatically enters tolerances for plugs, pins, balls, threads (calculates pitch/major diameter) and flags out of tolerance conditions.
D10554018 User's Manual (Model A)
D10554019 User’s Manual (Model B)
D10554001 User's Manual (Model C)
301937 Dust Cover (for 10 inch [254 mm] capacity Model)
U307892 Optical Flat - 1 inch (25.4 mm) diameter, single surface
U305753 Monochromatic Light Source 110/120 Volt
D10575004 Shipping Container (10 inch model [254 mm]; see additional Shipping Containers)
U308046 RS232 Data Interface Software (includes cable)     
U308432 Environmental Weather Station/Data Logger



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