Electrolimit Comparator

The Standard of Accuracy

The Pratt & Whitney Electrolimit® Comparator offers the same resolution and accuracy as our laser-based instruments, but at a fraction of the cost.  When compared with other electronic and mechanical comparators, the dynamic range (ratio of range/accuracy) of  2000 for our comparator far exceeds that of other comparators, typically replacing the full comparator indicator product line of other manufacturers. The Electrolimit Comparator is the ultimate comparator for measuring flat, cylindrical, and spherical objects. A configurable general purpose anvil (optional) provides point contact support for measuring the three geometry types. Point contact ensures high accuracy and speed by eliminating the variability and time associated with surface and line contact geometry. The Electrolimit Comparator stand is a dual rod design that is considerably stiffer than other single rod designs. The vertical slider employs kinematic contact to ensure minimal position change when locking the slider. Once the slider is locked in position, the comparator has frictionless motion and zero free play. A vertical flexure lift provides clearance for inserting and retracting parts, while maintaining sub millionth repeatability. The Electrolimit Comparator stand stiffness ensures repeatable measurements typically not achieved with other comparator stands.


The Electrolimit® Comparator measures:

  • Balls / Spheres
  • Magnetic Tape / Disk Substrates
  • Optical Components
  • Poly Films
  • Gage Blocks / Slip Gauges
  • Coating Thickness Standards
  • Plug & Pin Gauges
  • Thread Wires
  • Film Thickness
  • Gauge Block Stacks
  • Mesh Thickness
  • Textiles
  • Precision Parts

Features & Benefits of the Electrolimit® Comparator:

Rigid design - For maximum repeatability and reproducibility
Factory calibration - Used for most measurements
Two-step user calibration - Allows choice of user or factory calibration
Flexible anvil fixturing - Ensures system integrity and accommodates a variety of measurement applications
GageCal® PC control software - Microsoft® Windows based software reduces data entry, eliminates transcription errors, and  speeds up measurements. Built-in gage tolerancing for many applications including balls, pins, plugs, blocks, threads, etc.


Units English Metric
Resolution 0.1 µinch 2.5 nm
Accuracy 2 µin in any 0.004" range 0.05 µm in any 0.1 µm range
Repeatability 1.6 µinch 0.04 µm
Measurement Range 0 to 6 inches 0 to 152 mm
Direct Reading Range 0 to 0.01 inches 0 to 0.25 mm
Measuring Force (standard) 0 to 4 oz. 0 to 113 g