External Supermicrometer B,C,PC Retrofit

A Standard to Grow With

At Pratt & Whitney we’re committed to an ongoing development program that will produce a continuous stream of new or improved upgrades and applications for the Supermicrometer product line.  We’re equally sensitive to the investment one makes in such an instrument.  That’s why we make all new developments reverse compatible to the very first Supermicrometer we shipped.  Our most popular upgrade, the Model B to C Retrofit, increases the accuracy and functionality of your Supermicrometer.  Our full warranty applies and the instrument is certified traceable to N.I.S.T. and includes a calibration certificate (A2LA accredited / ISO 17025).

Upgrades / Retrofits / Rebuilds:      

  • Retrofit Model B Supermicrometer (Model B-250 / part# U302526) to Model C digital Supermicrometer [part# UPG-SM]
  • Retrofit Supermicrometer Model B or C to Supermicrometer Model PC [part# UPG-SMPC]
  • GageCal Automatic Tolerancing Software for Supermicrometer Model C (requires a computer) [part# U306596]
  • Computer with LCD Screen [part# D10069001]
  • Retrofit Autometronics / Elm Systems Digital Readout to Supermicrometer Model C [part# UPG-AMT]
  • Digital Tailstock Meter Upgrade for Model B, C, or PC Supermicrometer (1 micro-inch resolution (0.025 micron)) [part# U307412]
  • Digital Readout Box (MPC-851) - RS232 Serial communication [part# D10034009] 
  • Digital Touchscreen Readout Box - USB and RS232 Serial communication. Foot Switch capable [part# U600065]
  • Hi-Resolution Module/Encoder Upgrade - 1 micro-inch resolution (0.025um) on Digital Readout Box. Compatible only with Digital Touchscreen Readout Box. Does not include module repair or calibration. [part# U305658-SPL2]

New Accessories:

  • Dial / Test Indicator Bracket [part# S303573]
  • Roller Vee for measuring end standards (each) [part# U307774]
  • Thread-Micrometer Standard Measuring Kit [part# U307528]
  • Spherical Adapters - Ball diameter 0.375 inch (9.5 mm) [part# U307574]
  • Sine Block Fixture for measuring taper pipe threads; API threads [part# U307798 & U308047]
  • Environmental Weather Station/Data Logger [part# U308432]
  • Foot Switch (works with Digital Touchscreen Readout Box only) [part# U305754]

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