Labmaster Universal - 175 Upgrade

A Standard to Grow With

At Pratt & Whitney we’re committed to an ongoing development program that will produce a continuous stream of new or improved applications for the Labmaster product line.  We’re equally sensitive to the investment one makes in such an instrument.  That’s why we make all new developments reverse compatible to the very first Labmaster we shipped. 


  • Integrated Table Height Display in GageCal Software.  English/Metric switchable and ability to reset table height to zero.  Requires hardware installation. Includes: updated pneumatic panel (if applicable), LC assembly. GageCal CD (7.0) not included. [part# U308547]
  • External Digital Adjustable Force System Kit.  Includes Digital Force System with ISO-17025 calibration certificate (A2LA), USB cable, GageCal CD (version 7.0), and quick start instructions.  Range: 0-48 oz (0-13.34 N); Units: Newton/Ounce;
    Calibration: Factory Set; User Inputs: Gauge Scale Factor (from calibration tag), Target Force, Zero button; Display: Target Force (xx.xx ounce, N), Actual force: (xx.xx ounce, N); Force Bar: 0 to 90% yellow zone, 90 to 110% green zone, 110 to 120% red zone [part# U308049]
  • USB System Upgrade from ISA version.  Includes: Computer with LCD screen, USB control box, cables, and GageCal (USB) software pre-installed. [part# USB-SYS]
  • Ventilation Upgrade. Includes: Laser/receiver cover assembly with fan. (Reduces internal temperature. Improves thermal stability) [part# U308482]
  • GageCal 7.x Installation USB Flash Drive [part# UPG-GCAL-USB; sold per-instrument license].
  • Same Side Dimension Upgrade (SD).  This upgrade allows probes to travel in same direction. Current probe travel: ID, OD. With upgrade: SD left, SD right.  Popular measuring applications include: master setting bars, setting masters, CMM masters, precision parts. [part# PW-SD]
  • Fan Kit. Features: Improves thermal stability by minimizing thermal gradients inside the instrument. [part# U600004]    

New Accessories:

  • Quick Table Clamp (each) [part# U308400]
  • Extended Range Bi-directional Ruby Probes (13 to 20 inches (330.4 - 508 mm) requires part# U307596) [part# U307649]
  • 1 inch (25.4 mm) Riser Bases for Probes [part# U307596]
  • Precision Probe Positioner (replaces part #U306465) [part# U307602]
  • V-Clamp, Dial Indicator / Micrometer Head [part# U307761] 
  • Gage Block Fixture (5-point positioner for rectangular blocks) [part# U307653]
  • Thread-Micrometer Standard Measuring Kit [part# U307528]
  • Two-Point Bore Gage Kit [part# U307610]
  • Bridge for Table Center Slot (for measuring small artifacts) [part# 308418]
  • Extended Range Supports (pair) - for measuring long gage blocks, ball bars, end standards [part# U308460].  Design feature: Vee block and gage block holder have spherical contact points to minimize part distortion. 
  • External Digital Adjustable Force System.  Range: 0-48 oz (0-13.34 N); Units: Newton/Ounce; Calibration: 2 point (diagnostic window); User Inputs: target force & zero button; Display: actual force (xx.x ounce, N) with force bar with +/- 10% green zone in a +/-50% red zone [part# U308508]
  • Additional Screw-in Tips for ID Threads (5 pair, G-K) [part# U308630]
  • Additional Posts for ID Threads (5 pair, G-K) [part# U308629]
  • Mylar Poncho (to minimize operator thermal radiation) [part# D10501046]
  • Environmental Weather Station/Data Logger [part# U308432]
  • Probe Bases, Adjustable (requires Internal Dual Probe Tips) (for easier alignment of small ID probes) [part# U307458]

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