Labmaster Universal - 1000A & 1000M Upgrade

A Standard to Grow With

At Pratt & Whitney we’re committed to an ongoing development program that will produce a continuous stream of new or improved applications for the Labmaster product line.  We’re equally sensitive to the investment one makes in such an instrument.  That’s why we make all new developments reverse compatible to the very first Labmaster we shipped. 


  • USB Control Box Upgrade for Model 1000A (for instruments manufactured pre-2022) - The benefit of upgrading the USB control box is lower table vibration, less part wear, and quieter operation. [part# TBD2]  *Requires existing USB control box returned to P&W factory.  Includes GageCal software.
  • Table Control Box Upgrade for Model 1000A - The benefit of the table control/knob box is using knobs instead of scroll bars to move the table. [part# U600076]  *For instruments manufactured pre-2022, also requires USB Control Box Upgrade [part# TBD2].
  • GageCal 7.x Installation USB Flash Drive [part# UPG-GCAL-USB; sold per-instrument license].
  • Fan Kit. Features: Improves thermal stability by minimizing thermal gradients inside the instrument. [part# U600004]    

New Accessories:

  • Quick Table Clamp (each) [part# U308400]
  • Micrometer Holder - Vertical (for extra large micrometers) [part# U600008]
  • Tapes & Rules Measuring Kit [part# U308338]
  • Rectangular Gage Block Holder (each) (for 4 inch & larger blocks) [part# 309052]
  • Table Control Box (knob control for table movement) (compatible with post-2022 instruments) [part# U600076
  • Gage Block Fixture (5-point positioner for rectangular blocks) [part# U307653]
  • Thread-Micrometer Standard Measuring Kit [part# U307528]
  • Two-Point Bore Gage Kit [part# U307610]
  • Mylar Poncho (to minimize operator thermal radiation) [part# D10501046]
  • Environmental Weather Station/Data Logger [part# U308432]

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