Labmaster Standard - LMS200 Upgrade

A Standard to Grow With

At Pratt & Whitney we’re committed to an ongoing development program that will produce a continuous stream of new or improved applications for the Labmaster product line.  We’re equally sensitive to the investment one makes in such an instrument.  That’s why we make all new developments reverse compatible to the very first Labmaster we shipped. 


  • GageCal 7.x Installation USB Flash Drive [part# UPG-GCAL-USB; sold per-instrument license].
  • USB System Upgrade (from ISA version). Includes: Computer with LCD screen, USB control box, cables, and GageCal (USB) software pre-installed. [part# USB-SYS]

New Accessories: 

  • Live Anvil (point to point measurement; floating ruby ball sensor).  [part # U600014].  Advantages: easier setup, lower contact stress, and better accuracy when measuring warped blocks. Includes GageCal version 7.0+
  • 5 Point Template (for Square & Rectangular Blocks) [part # U600034] - (requires Live Anvil) 
  • Serrated Bump Anvil (point to point measurement of gage blocks) [part# U306114]
  • 5 Point Template (for Square & Rectangular Blocks) [part# U307578 - (requires Serrated Bump Anvil)
  • Corner Cube Anvil (0.020 - 2.500 inch ball measuring range (0.5 - 63mm)) [part# U306274]
  • Corner Cube Probe Tip (0.062 inch diameter (1.58mm)) [part# D10555019]
  • Film / Foil / Mesh Measuring Kit [part# U308429]
  • Environmental Weather Station/Data Logger [part# U308432]

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