Measuring Machine 12,24,36,48,80 Retrofit

A Standard to Grow With

At Pratt & Whitney we’re committed to an ongoing development program that will produce a continuous stream of new or improved upgrades and applications for the Measuring Machine product line.  We’re equally sensitive to the investment one makes in such an instrument.  That’s why we make all new developments reverse compatible to the very first Measuring Machine we shipped.

Upgrades / Retrofits / Rebuilds:

  • Retrofit Standard Measuring Machine (part# U50075, U50077, U50078) to Digital Measuring Machine [part# PW-MMD]
  • Retrofit Standard Measuring Machine (part# U50075, U50077, U50078) to Digital Measuring Machine with computer upgrade and high resolution encoder [part# U308361]
  • Retrofit Standard or Digital (Electrolimit) Measuring Machine to Laser Measuring Machine [part# PW-MML]
  •     24 inch   [part# U600189]
  •     48 inch   [part# U307552]
  •     80 inch   [part# U600180]
  •     120 inch [part# U307553]
  • Re-Scrape headstock, tailstock, and bed ways [part# PW-RSW]
  • Upgrade Laser Measuring Machine beam path (zero Abbe equivalent) [part# U307377] 
  • Computer upgrade with high resolution encoder [part# PW-PCU]
  • Digital Readout Box (MPC-851) - RS232 Serial communication [part# D10034009] 
  • Digital Touchscreen Readout Box - USB and RS232 Serial communication. Foot Switch capable [part# U600065] 
  • GageCal Automatic Tolerancing Software for Digital Measuring Machine. Includes GageCal USB flash drive, serial cable, USB adapter [part# U306596]  

New Accessories: 

  • Roller Vee (each) (for measuring end standards) [part# U307774]
  • Thread-Micrometer Standard Measuring Kit [part# U307528]
  • Spherical Adapters - Ball diameter 0.375 inch (9.5mm) [part# U307574]
  • Sine Block Fixture (for measuring taper pipe threads) [part# U307798 & U308047]
  • Elevating Table (dual axis; large surface area with t-slots) [part# U307816]
  • Environmental Weather Station/Data Logger [part# U308432]
  • Foot Switch (works with Digital Touchscreen Readout Box only) [part# U305754]

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