Universal Supermicrometer - Model 501, 504

The Standard of Accuracy

The definitive bench micrometer, the Universal Supermicrometer (USM), offers the advantage of being two instruments in one, by providing the ability to measure both internal and external parts, gages or standards. Additionally, as a high precision, direct-reading metrology instrument, it is equally capable of checking critical components such as shafts, bores, O-rings, or just about any ID/OD part. The USM digital bench micrometer can serve as both the heart of your in-house gage calibration needs and a high accuracy part inspection system.

The Universal Supermicrometer® measures:

  • Length standards
  • External threads
  • Ball bearings 
  • Plugs & pins
  • Plain ring gages
  • Setting Standards (Frames, Rods) 
  • Dial, digital and test indicators
  • Gears / Splines
  • Tapered pipe threads / API 
  • Your Precision Part

Features & Benefits of the Universal Supermicrometer®:

  • Two models to choose from -
    Multi-axis (Model 504: part # U307000) - Measurement table includes swivel, center, tilt and elevation adjustments.  The Model 504 is a direct replacement to the obsolete Internal Supermicrometer Model TG2100 and G2100.
    Single-axis (Model 501: part # U307042) - Measurement table includes elevation adjustment.
  • Mechanical and Thermal Stability - A rugged cast iron base and thermally stable composite materials insure repeatable and reproducible results
  • Linear Encoder with Zero Abbe Offset - A high precision glass scale located along the measurement axis eliminates Abbe offset errors that reduce overall measurement uncertainty
  • "Variable Attitude" Measurement Table - Vertical table adjustment is provided on all instruments.  Multi-axis measurement table available on Model 504
  • Variable Force - Ranging from -8 to +40 ozf [-226 to +1134 g]
  • Touch Screen Operator Interface - LCD touch screen computer can be positioned to accommodate each operator's needs.
  • GageCal® Control Software - Microsoft Windows® based software reduces data entry, eliminates transcription errors, and speeds up measurements of your digital Super Micrometer. GageCal automatically enters tolerances for rings, plugs, pins, threads (calculates pitch/major diameter) and flags out-of-tolerance conditions.
  • Two Point Calibration - Mastering with two, NIST traceable blocks, allows continuous, accurate measurement over the full direct reading range.  This provides significantly higher levels of productivity when compared to single point comparators. Only a handful of traceable masters, such as blocks, rings, etc. are needed (not included).
  • Flexible Fixturing - Pratt & Whitney's bi-directional probes (US Patent) and flat anvils are standard accessories.  The bid-directional probes allow for both internal and external measurement without time consuming set-up changes. V-groove fixturing provides repeatable probe positioning.
  • Auto Zero Mode - Allows measurements to be taken at great speed, increasing throughput, without compromising accuracy.
  • Part Temperature Compensation - A sensor is provide to monitor the temperature of the specimen
  • Dual Measurement - Switches between English and Metric units without recalibration


Units English Metric
Accuracy 10 + 0.7 L Micro-inches (± 2 std dev) 0.25 + 0.7 L / 1000 Microns (± 2 std dev)
Repeatability 4 Micro-inches (± 2 std dev) 0.1 Microns (± 2 std dev)
Resolution 1 Micro-inch 0.025 Microns
Measurement Range (standard)
External (Bi-Directonal Probes):
External (Flat Probes):
Internal (Bi-Directional Probes):

0-11 inches
0 to 5 inches
1.0 to 11.5 inches

0 to 279 mm
0 to 27 mm
25 to 292 mm
Direct Reading Range 2 inches 50 mm
Measuring Force
2 to 40 ozf
2 to 8 ozf
57 to 1134 gf
57 to 226 gf